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“… an engaging combination of technical mastery, showmanship and youthful high spirits.” – THE GUARDIAN

Get ready for SOIL AND “PIMP” SESSIONS, a wild sextet that formed 15 years ago in Tokyo and have gone on to considerable international success via exhilarating festival performances from Glastonbury to Montreux. Despite calling their style of music “death jazz,” their high-energy performance is all about engaging listeners with a wild blend of bop and acid-jazz. Indeed, band member Shacho bears the title of “agitator” and is responsible for ensuring lots of interaction between the players and the audience. This uniquely entertaining band has just released its tenth album, Black Track, and features Tabu Zombie trumpet, Motoharu saxophone, Josei piano, Akita Goldman bass, and Midorin drums.

Series sponsored by: CFUV 101.9

Tickets ($25.50) available at The Victoria Jazz Society, Lyle’s Place and The Royal & McPherson Box Office.

919 Douglas St, Victoria BC