Missing Matchmaker WEB

This Valentine’s Day it’s time to put down that romance novel and step into a murder mystery. Work together with friends both old and new to solve (or get away with) “The Case of the Missing Matchmaker”. Couples, individuals and groups of friends are all encouraged to come and take part in this interactive thriller.

Tickets $25 available at the Strathcona Hotel front desk
Ticket price includes appies
Arrive at 6:30 – Event starts at 7 in the Maple Room above the Sticky Wicket

email strath.events@strathconahotel.com for any additional information.

Case Notes:
Darlene Hickle has gone missing. The fact that she rarely listened to what anyone told her did nothing to improve her matchmaking business. Her success at mis-matching people reached its greatest height when her computer database crashed. Darlene saw no need to tell anyone of this. Instead she randomly matched couples based on a printout she had of their names and addresses. And now – it has been discovered that she has mysteriously disappeared. She had her company insured and the insurance company has sent Eileen Evensong – a private eye – to investigate