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Themed Trivia Night: GREY’S ANATOMY Edition!

Grey’s Anatomy Trivia is coming to Victoria for the very first time!

“We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?”
Check into Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly Grace Mercy West Hospital, formerly Seattle Grace Hospital) and let Kepner or Pierce or whoever’s team you’re on save your life. Think you can school Avery? Want to go head to head with Bailey?
Did you fall into pieces during the whole Izzy and Denny sitch? Was Yang your person too? Can you name the OG Seattle Grace interns? Join us for Three rounds of steamy hospital romances and teary goodbyes. Grey’s Anatomy Trivia will literally save your life. Ask you’re ambulance driver to take you to Distrikt Nightclub on Sunday November 18th. Trivia starts at 7pm for the hospital visit you’ll never forget.

Come with a team of up to 6 people or even try it solo. Cool prizes to be won!

Sunday November 18th
at Distrikt Nightlcub
919 Douglas St., Victoria BC
Starts at 7p.m.
Tickets are $10 + s/c in advance, $15 at the door & and on sale now online at

Link to Tickets + Facebook :

919 Douglas St, Victoria BC