Distrikt Bar Victoria BC
Distrikt Bar Victoria BC
Distrikt Bar Victoria BC
Distrikt Bar Victoria BC

Contact & FAQ

Contact Information

Phone: 250-383-7137 | 919 Douglas Street | Victoria BC V8W 2C2

Tanya – Club Manager
T: 250-217-8876

Emily – Events Manager
T: 250-383-7137 ext 7228
E: strath.events@strathconahotel.com

VIP Hostess
T: 250-882-3701

Call or Text for guestlist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Dress Code?

Distrikt Nightclub always encourages ‘dress to impress’ attire. However, we also realize that personal expression is important. We do however have a dress code in effect: no sleeveless shirts for males, no torn, dirty or ripped attire. No work boots or bare feet. No fight wear including tap out, affliction, Ed Hardy or similar shirts. No track suits or work out wear. The nightclub reserves the right to refuse entry.

What is Distrikt’s Music Policy?

Friday & Saturday club nights feature top 40 with healthy doses of Hip Hop and EDM. We also accept all requests through the night.

Can I Download Pictures from your Site?

Our photographer up loads Friday & Saturday night club photo’s to Distrikt’s Facebook group page where you can download your photo. Please click on the Facebook link to join our Distrikt Facebook group.

Can I get a Student Discount?

Show your student ID on Friday and Saturday nights for no cover, all school year long! (Only until 11pm)

Can I get VIP Entry into the Club on Club Nights?

You can submit an online reservation request through our Distrikt website page. Reservation requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance.

Am I Allowed to Take Pictures in the Club?

Distrikt does not allow any unauthorised filming or photography during club nights. Anyone found doing this without prior permission is at risk of having his or her property confiscated. For all clearance on filming and Photography please email: promomanager@strathconahotel.com.

What Time do you Open?

Our Friday & Saturday club nights, doors open at 10:00pm unless there is an early show in which case the doors would open at an earlier hour. Sunday through Thursday special events or concerts times may vary but are listed on the events page.

I Left My Belongings at the Coat Check, What Should I Do?

Bring your coat check receipt to the nightclub after 9:00pm on the next scheduled night of opening and talk with the manager.

How do I Apply for a Job?

Click on the careers link on the bottom of our website which will take you to our careers page or send your resume to jobs@strathconahotel.com.

Do You Support Fundraising Events?

Yes we do support fundraising events through universities, colleges, local groups and organizations. To organize an event, go to our contacts page and click on events@strathconahotel.com send us your request and we will contact you.

I Have a Free Cover Pass. When Can I Use it?

Your free cover pass would be good for Friday & Saturday nights excluding special events.

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Contact Information

Distrikt Nightclub

Phone: 250-383-7137

919 Douglas Street
Victoria BC V8W 2C2

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