For just $5 per release, members can come in and sample a carefully curated dram. A new whisky will be available every second Sunday, and from that point you have four weeks to come in and sample it. The samples are available only on Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays, but you can come in at any time from 10am to 10pm. You can only sample it once though, so savour the moment! And if you enjoy it enough that you’d like to take a bottle home with you, then you can take advantage of a special members only pricing. The best part is that membership is completely free and signing up is simple. The following guide will tell you how the association works –

  1. Sign Up
    You can sign up either by filling out a form in store, or by sending an email to with your name and phone number, telling us that you want to sign up.
  2. Buy Tickets
    Once you are in our system you can come in and pre-purchase your samples for the low cost of only $5. Of course at this point you will not know what is coming up – but that’s half of the fun! Samples are limited and it’s strictly first come first served for the tickets. Luckily you can purchase up to 8 weeks ahead, so you can avoid disappointment.
  3. Wait Until Sunday
    Your ticket will only become active on Sunday. On Sunday morning the Dram Association website will be updated and you can find out what your dram is – or if you like you can keep it a surprise and wait until you are in store.
  4. Taste Your Dram
    Simple. Come in store on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and hand over your ticket to one of our staff members. In return you will receive a taster of the featured whisky, and a small info sheet on what it is. You can ask to taste it blind if you prefer. Remember to come within four weeks though, or your ticket will no longer be valid.
  5. Review
    Optionally you can fill in a small score sheet and leave it with us. Four weeks after it is released, a group aggregate score of the whisky will be posted on the website. In the future you will also be able to comment and leave your own personal tasting notes.
  6. Consider Purchasing
    If you are a fan of the whisky you just tasted then you will have the chance to purchase a bottle at a special reduced members only pricing. If you are late to the party and the whisky is already out of stock, then you can be on the waiting list for when it comes back to our shelves.

So that is the main component of the Dram Association. But the fun doesn’t stop there – your free membership has other benefits. Members will be the first to know of new and exciting whiskies coming into the store, and will have the option to pre-order before they hit the shelves. Members will also be invited to exclusive themed whisky tastings and events.