Health & Safety

Strath Mask Policy

Serving it Right 

Responsible Service To Staff

Designated Drivers Program

Bartender Glasswasher Safety

WCB Policy – Injury At Work

Alcohol & Drugs


Smoke-Free Environment

Housekeeping Protective Gear

Noise Exposure

Identifying & Cleaning Broken Glass

Violence In The Work Place

Doorman Incident Reporting Procedures


Hearing Protection Waiver


Personal Conduct

Code Of Conduct

Clocking In & Out

No Show, Punctuality & Calling In Sick

Harassment & Bullying

Sexual Harassment 

Confidentiality & Social Media

Dating At Work

Smoking While On Shift

Usage of iPods



Tip Pool

Tip-Out Distribution

Automatic Gratuities on Groups

Credit Card Handling

Bartender Cash Handling

Cash Handling

Cash Out Procedures – FOH Staff

Charge Accounts

Gift Certificates & Promotions

Travelers Cheques


Scheduling & Vacations

Christmas Holidays Policy

Attendance, Stat, Hours Worked, Vacation

Time and Attendance

Scheduling FOH

Shift Change Request

Sick & Emergency Leave – Salaried

Vacation Request & Payouts

Vacation – Hourly

Vacation – Salaried

Availability Requirements & Scheduling

Back To Work

Leave Of Absence




Meal Hours

Lost & Found

Rooftop Reservations

Rooms Recycling


Key Access

Progressive Discipline

Sign In & Out, Staff Entrance

Staff Hotel Benefit

Staff Meals

Lost Name Tag

Recruitment Procedures

Personal Belongings & Locker Policy